Key Concerns for Business Owners

A recent survey conducted by Vero has provided valuable insight into the primary concerns of small to medium business owners. The top concerns identified were; 

  • Increase in costs 
  • Economic downturn
  • Competitors 
  • Being unable to trade
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Adverse publicity 
  • Adverse regulatory changes 
  • Workplace accidents 
  • Political instability 
  • Cyber attack

As a business owner, it’s very important to identify the key risks to your business and have a plan in place to minimise any negative financial impacts. 

While insurance is not the answer to all the concerns listed above, it is an important step in building a risk management plan for your business and protecting the financial security of you and your family. 

If you would like to discuss how insurance can play a part in protecting your business, please call us. Our team of professional brokers are happy to help.