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Insurance for the motor trades industry can be complicated. That’s why we have put together a dedicated team of brokers that specialise in insurance for mechanics, smash repairers, auto electricians, engine re-conditioners, clutch and transmission specialists and parts wholesalers.

Through years of experience and claims management, our team has developed an understanding of the unique risks facing the motor trades industry. We have excellent relationships with insurers and detailed knowledge of the coverage afforded under their policy wordings.

Because we specialise in insurance for mechanics, smash repairers, and other motor trade industries, we have access to market leading rates and are confident we can reduce your insurance premium while providing a comprehensive motor trade policy.

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We specialise in insurance solutions for the motor trades industry.

Cover for faulty workmanship and resultant damage

Comprehensive insurance while test driving customers’ vehicles

Professional advice from experienced insurance brokers

Access to market leading premiums

We manage all claims on your behalf

Unique risks facing the motor trades industry

In addition to the usual risks facing most businesses (see our Business Insurance page for more details), there are some unique risks that need to be considered when designing an insurance package for mechanics, smash repairers, and other associated industries.

Broadly speaking, these risks can be split into:

Faulty Workmanship

The most common claim we manage for our motor trades clients is for rectification and resultant damage of faulty work. Let’s face it, mistakes are going to happen, especially when working on something as complex as an engine.

Standard liability policies exclude cover for any rectification of faulty work. This could leave your business exposed to significant costs in the event one of your employees makes a mistake.

However, there are liability policies specifically deigned for the motor trades industry that include a sub-limit of cover for rectification of faulty work.

Professional Indemnity

If your business issues road worthies, safety certificates or valuations you do have a professional indemnity exposure and need to make sure your insurance package includes cover for this.

Please refer to our Business Insurance page for more information about other areas of cover that will form part of your motor trades insurance package.

Not to sure what you’re covered for? Don’t put your business and your livelihood at risk. Call us today and we can conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance needs. Also, because we specialise in insurance for mechanics and smash repairers, we’re pretty confident we can reduce your insurance bill.

Customers Vehicles

As a mechanic or panel beater, accidental damage to one of your customers cars while at your workshop is a real risk.

Under a motor trades insurance policy, you can select to insure your customers vehicles while at your workshop.

Your insurance package can include cover for damage to customers vehicles while:

  • You’re test driving them,
  • Moving them around the workshop, and
  • Against general perils such as theft, flood, hail, malicious damage and fire.

This is where things can get a little complicated, because depending on your policy wording and the circumstances of the claim, coverage crosses between different sections of your policy, or in some instances, you may find you don’t have any cover at all.

It’s best to have a chat about the coverage you require for your customers vehicles, and we can structure an insurance solution to meet your needs.

Insurance Tips and FAQ

Insurance Tip #1

Workplace injuries do happen. Have you considered insurance to cover fines and penalties involved with an OHS incident?

Insurance Tip #2

Update business turnover. If your business has grown, your insurer needs to know. Under disclosing the size of your business will cause issues when / if you need to lodge a claim.

Insurance Tip #3

When considering sums insured, image if a fire burnt your entire business to the ground. How much would you need to fit out your workshop and purchase new tools, equipment, and stock.

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