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Motor Trades Insurance

Insurance for the motor trades industry can be complicated. That’s why we have put together a dedicated team of brokers that specialise in insurance for mechanics, smash repairers, auto electricians, engine re-conditioners, parts wholesalers and brake, clutch and transmission specialists.

Through years of experience and claims management, our team has developed an understanding of the unique risks facing the motor trades insurance. We have excellent relationships with insurers and detailed knowledge the coverage afforded under their policy wordings.

Because we specialise in insurance for mechanics, smash repairers and other motor trade industries, we have access to market leading rates and are confident we can reduce your insurance premium while providing a comprehensive motor trade policy.   


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Unique Risks Facing The Motor Trades Industry

Mechanics, Smash Repairers and associated industries face unique risks that need to be considered when designing an insurance package. Broadly, these risks relate to public liability, faulty work and protection for customers’ vehicles. Based on discussions with our existing insurance customers , we have outlined a few key questions that need to be considered when reviewing your motor trades insurance policy package.


Public Liability

  • Does your liability insurance include cover for faulty workmanship and resultant damage?
  • If so, is the sum insured adequate and does it allow for multiple claims during the year?
  • Does your liability insurance include cover for customer’s vehicles in your care, custody and control?
  • When was the last time you update sales figures with your insurer?


Test Driving Customer Vehicles

  • Do you have comprehensive insurance or are  covered via an extension under your Public Liability insurance?  If it’s the latter, are you aware that you may need to be at fault to lodge a claim?
  • Is the sum insured sufficient to cover the replacement cost in the event you write-off a customer’s vehicle?


Customers’ Vehicles at your workshop

  • Do you want your customers’ vehicles to be insured against theft, malicious damage, storm and hail damage while at your workshop waiting to be repaired?


Business Interruption

  • This sum insured is often calculated incorrectly. This is a significant risk to your business as an under-insurance clause applies to this section, which can result in reduced claim payments.
  • The best way to overcome this is to provide your insurance broker with your Profit & Loss Statement so they can extrapolate the required information.


Professional Indemnity

  • If you issue road worthies, safety certificates or valuations, do you have insurance in place to protect you against financial loss claims? Make sure you have professional indemnity insurance in your policy. 


Not to sure what you’re covered for. Don’t put your business and your livelihood at risk.  Call us today and we can conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance needs.  Also, because we specialise in insurance for mechanics and smash repairers, we’re pretty confident we can reduce your insurance bill.


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