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Why you need Directors and Officers insurance

There are considerable risks involved with being a company director, partner or a trustee.

Managing a company places obligations on directors and officers to meet certain duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities could be to investors, shareholders or other interested parties. A perceived failure to meet theses obligations can expose management to significant legal action.

Examples could be shareholders who suspect mismanagement. Investors such as banks who feel they’ve been misled or an investigation by a government body for breaching industry regulations. Perhaps the liquidator if the company is thought to have traded while insolvent.

Directors and Officers operate in a complex regulatory environment with over 650 individual legislative provisions in force in Australia which attract personal liability for directors and officers.

With potential penalties that range from large fines, all the way to disqualification and possible imprisonment, the need for an immediate and effective response to any threat is clear. Directors and Officers liability insurance, sometimes called D&O Insurance can provide cover for:

  • Damages, judgments, settlements and adverse costs orders;
  • Defence costs;
  • Extradition costs;
  • Public relations expenses;
  • Bail bond expenses;
  • Deprivation of assets expenses;
  • Prosecution costs;
  • Investigation costs;
  • Court attendance costs
  • Pecuniary penalties

Why Call Guard Insurance Brokers

  1. Professional Advice – D&O Insurance can be complicated and if you don’t get the right advice, you’re putting the company’s directors and officers at risk. All our insurance brokers are university graduates with years of industry experience, so no matter what you do, or how big or small your business is, we can help you find the right cover.
  2. Hands-on claims management – We are insurance professionals with years of experience managing claims. We work for you and will use our extensive product knowledge and negotiating skills to get you the best possible claim outcome.
  3. Personal Service – We take service seriously. You will have a dedicated account manager as a point of contact for all enquires and claims.

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