Weather Outlook For 2021 – The Impact On Your Insurance Cover

The Bureau of Meteorology have released their first weather outlook for 2021:

The variable, and often extreme weather in Australia can have a major impact on many aspects of our lives. From bushfires to storms, the weather can cause disruption to our homes and our businesses. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather outlook indicates1;

  • higher-than-average rainfall and temperatures bringing risk of flood and fire.
  • Increased cyclone activity likely thanks to La Niña weather conditions.

It’s important to take practical steps now to reduce potential damage to your home or business. The below article from QBE provides some useful tips to minimise storm damage to your property.

How to Prepare for a storm


Can you weather the storm?

It’s a smart move to check your home and building insurance regularly to make sure they’re up to date, ensuring you have the right levels of cover in place. The cost to rebuild today may be vastly different to when you originally set up your insurance policy.

If you own a business, please review your business interruption sum insured to make sure it’s accurate, as lot has changed in the last year.

At Guard Insurance Brokers, we’re happy to assist you in reviewing your existing insurance policies and provide guidance on any areas of under insurance. Please call or email us today for more info.