Why do property owners need public liability insurance?

As a commercial property owner you can be held liability for personal injury to tenants, customers and visitors whilst they are on your property.

Claims can result from:

  • Slips, trips and falls (cracks in pathways, loose carpet, uneven floors, faulty stair rails etc);
  • Poorly maintained or faulty rental appliances and building plant and machinery;
  • Poorly laid out or controlled car parking facilities;
  • Fires and electrical faults caused by poor maintenance or construction,
  • Inadequate cleaning or housekeeping in common areas or wet floors during cleaning operations;
  • Highly polished surfaces;
  • Unmarked plate glass panels (which should be marked with opaque materials or etchings to alert people who might walk into them);
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • Inadequate security arrangements;
  • Inadequate signage and fire protection;
  • Faults in lifts, elevators or escalators;

Below is a link to a real example of a personal injury liability claim occurring at a commercial property. The injured third party was originally awarded a $180,000 settlement, however this was overturned due to good property management practices.  


You can manage your liability exposure by outsourcing the management of your property to a licensed property manager or real estate agent. It’s also important to conduct periodic inspections and respond to any maintenance issues or complaints immediately.

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