Container and Bottle Collection Insurance

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Container and Bottle Collection Insurance

Container deposit schemes provide a 10-cent refund for each eligible containers returned to a refund point. This rapidly growing industry plays a critical role in encouraging recycling and reducing waste.

However, it appears that most insurance companies group businesses operating a container refund point into the same risk category as an actual recycler. This has made it extremely difficult for;

  • business owners operating a container refund point, and
  • commercial property owners with a tenant operating a container refund point

to source insurance cover.

At Guard Insurance Brokers, we have a detailed understanding of the risks and exposure facing the container and bottle collection industry. We have researched reverse vending machine technology and understand how to properly explain the operation to insurance companies. Most importantly, we understand you are not a recycler.

Our detailed understanding of the industry has placed us in a unique position to arrange insurance for both business and commercial property owners.

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