Sickness & Accident Insurance

Without an income, would you be able to: 

  • Pay rent or make home loan repayments?
  • Continue to fund you day to day living expenses?
  • Pay medical bills?


While we don’t think twice about insuring our business, home or car, we often forget about protecting our most important asset – our ability to earn an income.

Imagine if you had an accident or suffered a serious illness and were unable to work for a prolonged period. Without an income, how would you be able to continue to pay your bills and living expenses?


Accident and sickness insurance is designed to provide you with a monthly benefit of up to 80% of your income until you are able to return to work.

When structuring a solution, there are a number of features to take into consideration when choosing the right sickness and accident insurance cover, such as the waiting period, benefit period, ownership structures and scope of cover. Getting this insurance wrong can have significant consequences for you and your family so we highly recommend getting professional advice.

If you’d like to find out more about how to protect your income in the event of an accident or sickness, please call us. We’ll happily explain the ins and outs of this insurance so you can make educated decisions about securing your income with personal accident and sickness insurance.

How Accident and sickness insurance can help you:

Provide an income stream for your and your family

Assist with unexpected medical bills

Monthly benefits of up to 80% of your income until you are able to return to work

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This advice has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, therefore, consider the appropriateness of the advice, in light of your objectives, financial situation or needs before following the advice. Please obtain a copy of and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) applicable to the general insurance product before making any decision.